The Survivors is an Arctic Western Battle Royale where you and 99 other gold hunters fight for a claim in the gold rush. Scavenge for equipment in the rough, unforgiving Silverspring County. The environment sets the pace; only storm eyes are safe from the raging storm, and bandits are out for your gold. Do you have what it takes, or will you be blinded by your greed?

Storm Eyes

Over the course of the match, a snowstorm will develop with several storm eyes, which are your only havens from the impending rage of the storm. Beware, as you will not be the only one seeking safety. After the storm settles down, run freely across the map as you seek shelter within the next storm eye. Eventually, only one shrinking storm eye will remain as the storm engulfs all of Silverspring County.

Bandit Camps

Bandits have claimed small settlements across the map. It is up to you to decide if it is more worthwhile to fight for the loot or to take a detour around the ruthless raiders.

Scrap Upgrade System

As you loot, you may be fortunate enough to stumble upon boxes of scrap. You can use these to easily craft weapon attachments, giving you an edge on the battlefield.

Team Play

Work together with your squad of up to five gold hunters and coordinate your approach into the storm eyes. Take tactical positions to ambush others seeking safety: Use your surroundings to your advantage, follow their footsteps in the snow, and hunt them down.

Closed Alpha

We are a team of dedicated students at NHTV Breda University in the Netherlands and are working on this Battle Royale title as a proof of concept. The Closed Alpha will help us take the game to the next level, giving us the opportunity to continue development in the future.

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